Save time... and other resources

The iView E.P. application revolutionizes the job market...

The iView Employment Profile offers a unique new online resume application that gives job applicants the power to create an employment profile that includes their contact information, resume, and an employment presentation video. The revolutionary iView provides HR professionals and recruiters with more information about an applicant’s abilities and skills, in a fraction of the time previously needed to meet and interview an applicant after reviewing resume qualifications.

HR managers and recruiters save time and streamline the pre-screening process by receiving job applicants' answers to interview questions before scheduling an initial face-to-face interview. And, the iView online application lets applicants highlight their strengths and gives employers more information about abilities and skills without wasting employers’ time.

Career/Job Seekers looking to stand out from the crowd...

As a tool in your career seeking endeavors use our iView Employment Profile. The iView E.P. demonstrates to the employer that you are professional, proud of whom you are and more importantly you know their time is valuable.

Our mission is to help the best employers find the best job candidates, while saving time, money and paper is built on the premise that today's dynamic employment marketplace demands new solutions to replace the old legacy of paper cover letters and resumes. Our vision is for a world in which video interviews offer a living, breathing alternative to static, lifeless paper resumes. Through iView, employers and hiring managers can see the reality beyond written resumes, and job-seekers have an opportunity to highlight their personalities and unique capabilities.