In today's economy finding a career has become a full time job all in itself. It is no longer a matter of having the right education, efficient work history, or knowing the right people. Today it is all about setting yourself apart from everyone else. As a tool in your career seeking endeavors use our iView Employment Profile. The iView E.P. demonstrates to the employer that you are professional, proud of whom you are and more importantly you know their time is valuable. It includes your contact information, resume or CV and a prerecorded employment presentation video.

It is convenient, easy to use and it gives the employer a more thorough understanding of your skills, ambition and desire for the position.

You may choose 1 of 3 questionnaire options which you will use to create your employment presentation video for your iView Employment Profile:

General questions- This option gives you general, "commonly asked" questions hiring personnel ask on a first interview. The questions do not pertain to any specific company, job field or job title.

Custom questions- This option, you enter the job field and job title for position you are app for. Based off your entry our questionnaire database will select up to six specific questions for you to answer.

Freestyles- Using this option, no questions will be given. You may use the video platform to demonstrate your abilities and skills.

How to use the iView E.P:

  • Create your account.
  • Retrieve email address of hiring personnel from any offsite job listing.
  • From your iView inbox email hiring personnel your iView E.P. for hiring consideration.

iView inbox account features include:

  • Job listing page
  • Sample CVs and Resumes
  • Participation in Online Fairs.
  • Unlimited email capability. We let you send your iView employment profile link any employer you choose.
Experience using the iView (Online Resume) application over an innovative platform
The iView Employment Profile offers a unique new online resume application that gives job applicants the power to create an employment profile that includes their contact information, resume, and an employment presentation video.
Not sure how to set-up your iView Profile? Let us assists you with setting up your iView profile...