Streamline the prescreening process with iView E. P.
Hiring personnel! Give your company a cost effective convenient tool that streamlines the prescreening process of your applicants.

Sign up today to use our JOB CODE. Asks the questions you would normally ask in the first interview upfront.

Using our video interview service hiring personnel receive an iView Employment Profile instead of the standard resume or CV of any applicant applying for a position. The iView Employment profile includes the applicant’s contact information, resume or CV and a brief prerecorded visual interview video. Hiring personnel may review the resume or CV and if they decide to move forward they may instantly watch a prerecorded video of the applicant answering your interview questions. The entire reviewing process takes less than 20mins.

The iView Employment Profile is the online resume of today. Compared to the standard resume, video resume or CV the iView Employment Profile is more efficient, professional and provides more additional pertinent information about the prospective employee’s ability and skills to better make your hiring decision.
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Customize your own Questionnaire...

General questions- This option gives you general, "commonly asked" questions hiring personnel ask on a first interview. The questions do not pertain to any specific company, job field or job title.

Custom questions- Hiring personnel may enter up to 6 of their own specific questions pertaining to the job or career.

Freestyles- Using this option, no questions will be given. Instead you can allow the applicant to use the video platform to demonstrate your abilities and skills.