IView Workshop For Career Seekers In Riverside Ca, 02/25/2016

Workshop details:

The workshop aims to promote the use of an innovative iView tool used by Career Seekers to provide a competitive advantage in a saturated job market. 

iView Employment Profile offers a unique new online resume application that gives Career Seekers the power to present more of their abilities and skills upfront, beyond the details of their resume. 

Informational session includes:

  • How to create an iView E.P.
  • How to use the iView E.P. in your career endeavor
  • The benefits of using the iView E.P.
  • Interviewing tips

Participation session includes:

  • Resume critique
  • Recording of employment presentation video


  • Pre Register for the event on our site
  • Submit resume prior to event
  • Come professionally dressed

6809 Indiana Ave., Riverside, California, 92506
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